Nothing has meaning in itself.

It is our interpretations based on past experiences, negative beliefs & emotions
that make up our experience of the world at this moment.

Our unconscious, negative beliefs combined with negative emotions have a very powerful pull.
They originated in the past, but we still believe that they are true now.

Our task would be:

-to become aware of what negative beliefs we believe in, e.g.: “I can’t do it”; “I’m not good enough”, “others are better than me”,
-to question them – to question whether they are really true,
-to get in touch with the feeling in our body, and listen to what it wants to say, is it old or is it new?
– with compassion, embrace the feeling and the negative belief,
-make a conscious choice how to act.

It is a path of compassion, not of condemnation of feelings and thoughts.
It is the path to getting to know ourselves, knowing our patterns and inner dynamics that
have reasons to be.

In practice they get transform into something greater, not by rejection but by inclusion.