Great things are made of small ones. Great moments are made of small moments…

What we focus on, makes our experience.
What can I be grateful for at this very moment?

I’m aware of my breathing, I’m grateful I can breathe.
I’m grateful:
for my loving friends and family,
for the sun shining,
that I am safe,
that my body is healthy,
for my senses.

I’m grateful, for the house that gives me shelter,
for the chair that holds my body in restful position,
for the vastness of the sky,
for the sound of someone’s laughter,
for the sense of humour,
for my hands that found rest on my lap,
for the clothes that keep me warm,
for gestures of kindness from strangers on the street.

I’m grateful that I can choose how I respond to people and situations,
I’m grateful for the change,
for creativity,
that I can help and get help anytime, always.
That I can play different roles and always be myself.

What are you grateful for, just now at this moment?