Everyone defines it differently, yet it might be as simple as this:
It is a SHIFT from FEAR to LOVE.
A shift of perception of how you view yourself and the world around you.

What is LOVE? – it is the existence/ the Life itself/ Consciousness/ Higher power/God/ vastness/ the Universe.

What is FEAR (psychological FEAR)? – it is Life itself trapped in a strong belief/a story of being ‘someone’ – an identity- who will one day DIE and disappear forever.

FEAR is there when we believe ourselves to Be “THAT PERSON”/ A ROLE (self image) without ever questioning it.
The Fear of Dying = fear of being no one, of being nothing, being unseen, unheard, forgotten, unloved.
Fear is in the MIND (Unconscious Mind). And.. You are not your Mind only!

If you are not “THAT PERSON”/A ROLE that you play in everyday life, If you are not your MIND only,