What is that state when you say: “I’m tired”;

where do you feel it in your body?- is it in your head, your hands, perhaps in your legs or maybe you feel it in your entire body.
Feel it, listen to what it wants to say.
Allow it just to be, stay with the tiredness as if it was a little child.
Let it speak and to relax in your presence.
It will soon tell you why it’s here.🌿


Allow yourself to feel the sadness.
Simply sit with it, don’t rush it, listen. 

Where do you feel the sadness in your body, how does it manifest?
Once you give the sadness a space to just be,
once you stop running away from it – it will show you in confidence the strength,
joy and the underlying peace.

Keep meeting your emotions and states as if they were CHILDREN who needs your:
attention, acceptance, appreciation and love.

Keep meeting Yourself❤️