You don’t need to become someone else to be happy. You don’t need to be better, smarter, learn more, do more, or have more.
Call off the search for that ‘better version’ of yourself. It isn’t there.
And…If you see something in the outside world, or in others, that you don’t accept;
something that repulses you, that brings sadness, fear, disgust…

Know that that very thing is in You; and that by rejecting it you reject a part of yourself.
As long as you reject it you can’t truly love yourself and so you can’t truly love others.

You see this world through your conditioning – as if you were wearing glasses with filters on.
These filters are your beliefs, convictions, unconscious strategies and patterns which you’ve absorbed from your parents and environment ever since you were a child.

Among the supportive ‘filters’ there are the negative ones that tend to ‘run’ your life without you being aware of it.
Until you see that you’ll always feel a little trapped, navigating from fear and lack, and never completely free.

Know yourself as that which sees all the unconscious patterns.

Look into them. Embrace them as there is nothing here to ever be rejected.

You are aware of your conditioning, you are not bound by it.
By getting to know yourself you take responsibility; you stand for your Self and your freedom.
It is not always easy. There won’t be any celebrations, triumphs at the end of this inner journey.
You stand here alone; alone as Everything, as the Universe itself.

And that is the most powerful thing a human Being can experience: One own magnificence!