Today about my beloved Embrace Therapy® and… Unconscious programs – our conditioning which is ours to acknowledge, to bring to our awareness, to love.

An example: CRITICISM = LOVE

If… your parents have been criticising you when you were a child – you hear the echo of their voices within you now in different situations.

When the moment comes for you to change something in your life, to go your own way, decide for yourself, this internal program registered in the Unconsciousness will knock out in you and will hold seemingly tight so that you wouldn’t event think about coming out of it.

The best tool of the Unconscious Mind to keep us from going beyond the registered programs is FEAR.

CRITICISM = LOVE – how can it look like in everyday life?

E.g: In the context of being with a partner:
– we will be with someone who often criticises us
– we will provoke situations in which it will be easier for us to criticise our partner
– critic inside
– we will criticise ourselves internally

Why? Because the fundamental function of the Unconscious Mind is SURVIVAL, therefore from the unconscious perspective, we “must” implement the programs that it has registered for us – “thanks to which we have once survived”.

We ‘must’ stay loyal to our “love” program.

What then?
It is not about blaming anyone – the parents – for their own conditioning. But, to take responsibility, to become aware of our programs, to question our negative beliefs, to meet them and embrace them with unconditional love. Only you can give yourself what you need most.

Me, meaning who?

You – the Consciousness, the impersonal – Divine being, Presence, Fullness, Abundance… in which everything is contained, who has no one name / who has every Name.

How to realise that?
Know yourself, through personal/self – development.
There are many paths, ways, tools. From spiritual paths, self inquiry, yoga, rituals, dance, music, walks, runs, psychotherapy…Trust that what you choose is the most appropriate for you at the moment.

I am offering an online sessions in Embrace Therapy®, an incredible method of change in Perspective. Here you are acknowledging Unconscious patterns, dissolving still alive emotional charge from the past experiences or projected onto the future.

Embrace Therapy® integrates all aspects of our human nature – mind, body and the spiritual dimensions.

Embrace Therapy® is recommended to people who have been on a path of self-discovery and self-development for a while now but who feel a lack of a greater perspective or some last link to bring it altogether.